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Sign the EU Soil Mission Manifesto
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The EU Mission Soil Manifesto was launched in April 2023 to highlight the urgent need for action to restore and protect soil health in Europe and to support the Mission Soil objectives. It represents a key step for further local engagement by mobilising regions, municipalities, businesses, policy makers and other stakeholders, as well as citizens. The Manifesto aims to foster local knowledge, innovation, and investment in soil health by raising awareness. Signatories of the Manifesto will be able to join a vibrant soil health advocacy community and have access to the latest research results. This non-legally binding document can be signed in the name of organizations, but also as individual. The Manifestohas so far received 2,700 signatures, including 430 legal entities, publicly visible in the dedicated webpage. To sign the Manifesto and join the Mission Soil community, click below.



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