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WASWAC World Conference II
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  WASWAC World Conference II was held successfully in Chiang Rai, Tailand, Sept. 4-7, 2013

  The 2nd WASWAC World Conference with topic “Threats to land and water resources in the 21st century: prevention, mitigation and restoration”was held in Chiang Rai, Tailand, during the period of Sept. 4-7, 2013. This conference was organized by World Association of Soil and Water Conservation, Sub-committee on Water Resources of Engineering Institute of Thailand, and Department of Civil Enginneering in Faculty of Engineering at Thammasat University of Thailand. The cooperating organizations include 22 government agencies or academic societies distributed in Thailand, China, Japan, Philippines, India and USA. More than 300 participants from 24 counties or regions attended this conference.


  Opening Ceremony of WASWAC WC II


  Prof. Blum is giving a theme topic

  On the opening ceremony, Prof. Li Rui, the president of WASWAC, gave a welcome speech, Prof. Winfried.E.H.Blum made a theme report with title “Soil and land resources: general trends and future scenarios – a worldwide perspective”. Prof. Liu Zhen, the honorary president of WASWAC and the director for soil and water conservation department, the Ministry of Water Resources of China, attended conference and presented the newly achievement of soil erosion census in China.

  Over two days conference, a series of sessions have been involved, 65 excellent reports were given in the related aspects such as methodologies to assess the extent of land degradation, soil loss and landslide, debris flow, sedimentation, effects of global climate change, evaluation of impacts of land degradation, ecological aspect of land degradation and restoration, SWAT achievements, control measures to prevent/mitigate land degradation and for restoration, integrated measures that enhance soil and water conservation, water resource management, law and policy, famers’role in conserving soil and water resources, land use change and consequences.





  The Award-winner for several awards set up by WASWAC have been released by Dr. Samran Sombatpanit, the president of Award Committer of WASWAC. Outstanding scientists in soil erosion and conservation research have shared the honors.


  The award-winner (Mr Pitsanu is on the left and Prof Teerapong is on the right)

  Most participants attended the post-conference tour on Sept. 7 to visit Chiang Rai Land Development Station, Mae Fah Luang University and Land Development Study Center. Measures to control soil and water loss were discussed and communicated.

  In addition, prior to this conference, the council meeting was held on Sept. 4. President Li Rui introduced the process of council building and main progresses. Prof. Ning Duihu, the secretary-general of WASWAC, gave a summary report on structure building, member management, conference, communication, publicity, publication and financial status. This reports showed clearly that what have been done by the secretariat in the last three years and what will be done in the following three years. The Nomination Committee of WASWAC pronounced the next term candidates of councilor, which have been discussed and agreed by all councilors. As a special regulation, to enlarge our association’s size quickly, free of charge the member’s fee before 2020 has been decided by the attended councilors. Finally, Serbia was chosen to be the organizer of WASWAC WC III, which will be held in Serbia in 2016, after discussion on the application proposal mentioned by Serbia delegate and Columbia delegate.


  Council meeting


  Application for the WASWAC WC III by Prof. Zlatic



  Beautiful Chiang Rai


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